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Say you have a guy in your life who you want to keep in line. Someone who you want show who’s boss. Perhaps it’s a lover who you don’t think is being faithful, or perhaps what they think is being faithful isn’t the same as what you believe the definition of the word to be. Basically, you want to have their cock chastity under lock and key, more or less literally.


How Do Chastity Devices For Men Work?

Everyone’s heard the stories of old about women whose fathers locked away their virginity with chastity devices, but not many people know about cock chastity devices for men. There are variations, but one safe and effective way of keeping a guys hands off his dick are devices that lock around the shaft of the penis. Either plastic or metal encases the dick from head to base, and then a metal ring attached to this is locked around the base of the penis and the balls. A small padlock can keep these in place, so only the holder of the key has control.


Are There Any Dangers?

In short, the answer’s no, if you think it through. Don’t fit your man into anything without a hole to piss through if you’re going to leave it on for hours, otherwise you’ll find things take a turn down an avenue you didn’t expect. Unless you’re into that kind of thing. In which case, go for it! Another thought to consider is that if you fit a cock chastity device on a guy when he’s flaccid, don’t underestimate how tight it will become once he inevitably gets hard at the sensation of being aroused but being unable to do anything about it. Finally, don’t leave anyone wearing a chastity device for huge lengths of time unless you’ve tried it before or you’re nearby with the key in case things go wrong. It’s all common sense really, so if you’re worried, just use with care!


Will I Be Able To Talk My Guy Into Wearing It?

If you have to ask, you aren’t in control! Your man should be bending to your every whim if you’re the dominant one, and asking him to wear a cock chastity device is just another of the many acts he should be willing to perform just to make your day that little bit better. If you’re still lacking a plan of attack, try one of these sure fire ways to induct your man into the world of cock chastity.

A.      Trick Him Into It

Screw moral decency; why not just trick him into wearing the cock chastity device and giving up control to you? If you’re of the manly persuasion and similarly endowed, maybe promise that once he’s wearing his you’ll put one on too (it’s up to you if you want to follow up on that suggestion). Alternatively, just tell him to close his eyes and then click the locks into place. By then he’ll be locked up and unable to get any relief, with the keys to his freedom in his hands. Any anger will soon turn to begging when he realizes who has the power now.

B.      Suggest That You Try Something New...

A tried and tested technique of cajoling a guy into doing something is with the vague promise of ‘trying something new’. These time honored words will tempt almost anyone into opening their mind, and when they’re presented with the prospect of cock chastity they’ll probably be far too turned on to refuse. After all, no man likes to go back on his word.

C.      Demand It

If your man is naturally submissive (as so many men are), if you gather up your confidence, put your foot down and demand that he snaps a chastity device on, it’s likely that he’ll fall in line. It might take some repetition for him to know that you’re entirely serious, but men secretly crave to have control taken from them and to be ordered around, however confident they might appear to be.


What Variations Of Cock Chastity Devices Are There?

Simply put: loads. To take three of the hottest, best designs around, we look at for some of their unique cock chastity devices.

1.       The Manless Ultra

This design uses clear plastic, with neat little air holes to make sure that things don’t get too steamy in there. The base ring is plastic too, making the entire contraption a great choice if you flinch every time you imagine the click of metal near your most delicate parts and the concept of something getting caught. It stretches the cock out straight and has a hole at the head to pee through, but other than that it’s virtually impossible for a guy to get access to his own dick and get some relief.

2.       The Man Slut Cock Cage

The title says it all. This is one of the hottest designs, with vertical metal bars along the length of the shaft, trapping it and bending it down. This is a lightweight cock chastity device that allows ample teasing through the bars, but there’s no chance that your man is going to get any real pleasure in this cage. Just sexual temptation and torture!

3.       The Man Cave

For you real cock chastity loyalists who want your man to have absolutely no control over his penis and to lose his manhood, the Man Cave offers complete coverage in gold colored metal with a thick, powerful base ring. After the initial cold chill of the metal against his skin, your guy won’t have any access to his penis at all once locked into the cock chastity device named the Man Cave. If you wish, you can removed the tiny cap at the head of the dick that screws off to allow him to piss, but you don’t have to give him any help at all if you don’t want to – you’re completely in control!


I Want To Try Cock Chastity Devices on Someone, but I Don’t Know What to Do Once I Have

The answer to this dilemma is strongly based on what you find most arousing. Have a read through these possible scenarios and think about which you find most arousing, because all deal with a different aspect of what makes cock chastity devices such an important part of many people’s sex lives.

The Long Game

If the long waiting game of temptation is your thing, why don’t you apply your cock chastity cage of choice to the man you wish to torture, lock the mini padlock and then pocket the key. Promise them that you’ll take it off, but only if they behave, and only at a time of your choosing. Now’s the time to get all those household tasks done if you’re economically minded, alternatively you can use the time to take advantage of a compliant, eager boy at your command. With the keys to his manhood in your hand, you could persuade him that the more he satisfies you with his mouth and hands, the more likely it is that you’ll let him get a bit of satisfaction. Alternatively, maybe you could just leave him to stew until you’re feeling generous. I’ve heard stories of people going for days without letting their guy get some relief. This is a constant stream of arousal for the both of you, thinking about the restraint he’s being forced to endure, whether you’re by each other’s side or not.

The Secret Exhibitionist

The words secret and exhibitionist may sound like a contradiction in terms, but just because you like the thought of public humiliation in theory doesn’t mean you want to try it out in real life. Most people like the possibility of getting caught much more than actually getting caught, which usually involves police questioning and being charged for public indecency. A firm favorite of cock chastity device users is for the submissive man to be locked up in the device and then for him to go about his daily life. For instance, wearing it at work under his clothes is a real turn on, especially if you choose a style of cock chastity device that keeps the cock against the body. That way, nobody will know that he’s wearing it, but he’ll be constantly reminded of its presence and of the thought that he belongs to you.

The Lighter Side of Torture

Some people prefer their sexual gratification to last at most hours, not days like the previous suggestions. If you want to keep it inside the bedroom, put the cock chastity device on while your subject is flaccid or half hard and then taunt and seduce them – possibly when they’re tied up so they can’t do anything but watch while you undress. If you buy a device like the Man Slut Cock Cage, it’s then possible to weave between the thin metal bars to give his cock the occasional taste of your body, but nothing more. Touch any part of him you want to and do whatever you want – now is the time to do all those things you wouldn’t do normally, and to get him to do what you want because he’ll know that if he does what you want, he’s more likely to get what he wants.


Is It Hard To Get A Cock Chastity Cage?

It’s not difficult to find chastity devices at all, and unless you have one custom made or choose a particularly unusual and pricey manufacturer, they aren’t particularly expensive either. Obviously the internet makes it easier to buy one without everyone knowing what kind of fetishes you have, but large adult stores are likely to have cock chastity cages or be able to order one for you. There are also many online retailers, although choose carefully. The designs that were mentioned previously are from Koala Swim, an online retailer of sex accessories and micro swimwear for men. There are also many more available on the site, at an average of around $60. Perhaps you think that’s expensive or maybe you’re surprised that it’s so cheap, but either way this is a very good price for good quality, reliable cock chastity devices that have been carefully crafter to fit penises like a metal or plastic glove.


Cock chastity devices often get bad press or no press at all. Few people have heard of them because they represent a fetish that a lot of men don’t want to admit to: giving up control to someone else and allowing themselves to be sexually manipulated. To get rid of a few common misconceptions, they’re not painful or uncomfortable. Of course, they can be if you want them to be, but even if you are trying out a chastity cage for the first time you don’t have to panic about embarrassing trips to the emergency room. Just take it slowly and make sure that you don’t lose the key. The idea of dropping it down a drain or the sink sounds like something straight out of a poor comedy movie, but that’s the sort of thing that you’ll regret not taking more seriously when you’re waiting for a plumber to fish it out of the pipes.

Cock chastity cages can be a really exciting way to spice up your love life, or a way to secure the feeling of control over a man that really turns you on. If you’d rather be wearing them than fitting them on someone else, imagine the pleasure of the cool chill of metal against your cock and the sensation of being unable to relieve yourself. Chastity devices for men are the perfect way to surrender your control and your manhood to the will of someone else. You won’t know the true feeling of power until you’ve slipped into a cock chastity cage and snapped the lock shut!


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What to Expect from your Cock Chastity Device

There are some very strange things that will go through your mind when you decide to try out cock chastity for the first time. I know how strange they are simply because these are the same things that went through my mind the first time I decided to try out this lifestyle. Now, the first thing that I noticed was that I was completely unprepared for what I was getting myself into. I must say that I was pleasantly shocked to find that the chastity items on will need some time to get used to wearing on a regular basis.

One thing that I did find amazing was the ability of these cock chastity devices to keep you from getting an erection. Sure, you will attempt to get one the first time you put it on, but it isn't going to happen for you. Not the way you would think it would, anyway. The first thing you are going to feel is a strong pressure pushing back against your growing erection. Something very similar to wearing extremely tight pants and riding a bus. It will feel pleasurable for the first bit of time that you are wearing it, but that will change.

The next thing you are going to feel with your cock chastity device is an increasing pain as your erection tries to push at the cage with all its might. You see, the initial pressure that you feel will make your cock want to get harder. Only a guy could understand the concept of this, and it's difficult to put into words that most people would be able to comprehend at all. But that pressure will force your cock to try it's best to force its way through the cage and escape its boundaries as soon as possible.

I have worn plenty of these cock chastity devices to know what I should expect from them, and I can tell you that if you are uncomfortable the first time you put it on, you will probably not want to continue to wear them. This is a lifestyle that you have to be completely ready to go the distance with and not something that you can just play around with like other sexually based toys. You are only going to get one shot at feeling content with an item like this, and if you find that you can't handle it, then you aren't going to be happy at all.

It is always a good idea to pick out the beginners cock chastity device for your first try. You should stay away from any chastity device that is labeled as being advanced simply because there is no telling what you are going to end up getting when you first try to put one of these on. You can't just expect that every device out there will give you the same feeling, after all. You need to understand that there are things on the market that will be completely different no matter what you try.

I have found that wearing a cock chastity device can be quite entertaining at times, but there are going to be other times when wearing something like this can end up causing you a bit of an issue. One of those times happened for me when I went on vacation and had to fly to my destination. You see, airport security check points don’t mix well with chastity devices that contain metal in any form. I should have thought of that before going to the airport, but I was too focused on everything else I needed to do for my trip.

I knew that my cock chastity device was going to get me into trouble as soon as I got up to the metal detector. I also knew that it was too late to do anything about it by then, and I would have to do my best to work with what I had. Naturally, the detector went off and I was pulled out of line for the traditional groping session that they like to refer to as a pat down. I told the security agent that I was wearing a medical device and forgot to take it off.

Of course, telling them that my cock chastity device was a medical device wasn’t the smartest thing to do, either. I knew that I was going to be in for a very long day when the magic wand they swept over my crotch went off and I was motioned into a side room for further humiliation. I can understand the need for stronger security in airports these days, I truly can, but this is getting a bit ridiculous if you ask me. It would be nice to be able to fly on a plane without being molested in the process.

Once I was in their tiny room of humiliation with my cock chastity device, I was told to strip down so that they could see my supposed medical device that I had forgotten about. Since I didn’t feel like being arrested and haphazardly throw onto some unprecedented no-fly list, I went ahead and humored them. I took my pants down to my ankles and showed them what all the fuss was about. You would have thought that they had seen at least something close to one of these devices before, but apparently this was completely alien to them.

The thought that they had no idea what a cock chastity device even looked like was in my favor, though. They took turns looking at it, which made me want to get an erection, coincidentally, but I held off the best that I could. I was asked numerous questions as to what it was made out of and why I had to wear it. I told them that I had broken my pelvis bone in a car accident a few months earlier and that the doctor insisted that I wear it in order to maintain the tendon and muscles that attached my penis to the pelvis from straining.

Now, anyone that has ever worn a cock chastity device knows that to be a complete lie. But these idiots had no idea what they were doing so I kept up the charade for as long as I needed to. It was working out quite well until the supervisor came in to see what was taking so long. Naturally, they told him that I had a medical device on and they weren’t sure how to proceed since I had no paperwork to hand over declaring it.

The supervisor took one quick glance at my cock chastity device and asked me how long I had been shopping at I knew right then and there that the gig was up and I wasn’t going to be able to talk my way out of this little predicament. I told him that I had purchased this particular device a few months earlier and had simply forgotten that I had it on. Thankfully, he smiled and told me that it happens to him all the time as well. I was grateful that he understood what it was like to completely space things like this out.

Unfortunately, he wasn’t going to let me on the plane while I was wearing my cock chastity device. I was informed that I would have to take it off and pack it in my luggage until I arrived at my destination. The bad news was that my luggage was already on the plane and he wouldn’t let me carry it in the bag I was taking on the plane with me. I figured that I would end up having to cancel all of my plans at that moment. The thought of not being able to go on vacation, or receiving a refund for the money that I had already paid was a bit upsetting.

The supervisor told me that I could place my cock chastity device in a special shipping box and have it added to the luggage compartment. Of course, it would end up costing me a decent amount of money to do this, but I really had no other choice. The sad thing was that I had to take it off while everyone was watching. Normally, that wouldn’t bother me so much, but these were complete strangers and it was a bit unsettling, but it was something I had to do.

I ended up receiving my cock chastity device once I got to my destination and didn’t put it on until I was safely in my hotel room. Of course, I remembered that I was wearing it before I departed for home and put it in my luggage before even going to the airport. That trip went by a lot easier than the first trip had, and I was pleasantly surprised to see the supervisor that held me in that tiny little room, smile at me when I arrived back home.

You see, there are plenty of men worldwide that are wearing a cock chastity device right now even though they are doing everything in their power to hide it. You never know who you might run into during your daily routines that will be wearing something like this, and that surprise that you get when you do find out someone else is wearing one is quite special, to say the least. Of course, most guys are going to keep this aspect of their life a secret so don’t be surprised if it takes you a very long time to find someone else that is like you.

Wearing a cock chastity device on a daily basis will definitely give your life a completely different meaning. Not too many men are even capable of wearing something like this on a daily basis and still feel like a whole man. There are some that will tell you otherwise, but after about the second or third week, the device will start to grate on your very last nerve. Not in a physical way mind you. If it was grating on you in a physical manner, no one would be able to wear it longer than a few days.

In an emotional manner, though, the cock chastity devices will start to wear you down just a bit and make you want to take it off. Now, you can wuss out and take the device off and let your cock get some much needed breathing room, or you could man up and force yourself to push through the annoyance. The choice is yours, obviously, but you have to realize that there will come a time when you actually need to take your device off. You just have to determine when the best time for you to do that is.

I find that taking my cock chastity device off every couple of weeks and leaving it off for a few days works the best for me. I have also found that, over the years, I really don’t need to wear it as often, but still do. You see, your cock will become conditioned to wearing your device and even when you don’t have it on, it will refrain from becoming erect. Some guys would look at this as ending up with permanent erectile dysfunction, but the truth is you can get an erection if you really want to.

There is nothing stopping you from enjoying your cock chastity devices like I have over the years. You just have to learn your limits and trust your own judgments when it comes to certain aspects of your life. Wearing a device like this can be one of the most intense things you have ever done. It can also be one of the most annoying and uncomfortable things you have ever done if you are not careful in choosing the right device. You need to research what you are going to purchase and figure out what it is you want out of something like this and what you hope will happen once you get it on. Take your time and you will be enjoying your cock chastity device just like I am currently.

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