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Cock Chastity Training

If you are a man, you obviously have a cock. That means that cock chastity training is an activity that only you can do. Doesn’t that make you feel special? As if men needed anything else to make them feel that way. At any rate, if a man is interested in becoming a part of the chastity life, he must be willing to go through a certain amount of training, especially in the area of his cock. After all, the cock seems to be the one place on a man’s body that he cannot control. If his brain sees something that excites him sexually, his cock is going to be in full swing, or whatever. Training a man’s cock is the most difficult part of a beginning a chastity lifestyle. That is why it is the Key Holder’s job to make sure that your cock behaves the way it is told to behave. This means that you will not be able to experience sexual release unless your Key Holder gives you permission to do so. No more night club bathroom hookups or backseat one time flings. When your cock is fully trained, you will be able to control yourself and your encounters. This will hold you to doing only what your Key Holder tells you to do.

Cock Chastity Can Be Exciting

Few things are more exciting to many men than cock chastity. These men are submissive to their dominant partners and love their relationship. Their Key Holders place cock cages around their special packages and lock them securely in place. These cages force the issue of chastity for the men wearing them. They are meant to keep these guys out of trouble when their Key Holders are not around. These miniature cages have solid bars on them that will dig into a man’s penis if he begins to have a random erection. The discomfort this action will cause the man will usually put a stop to any erection.  Of course, this makes things even more exciting because it can be somewhat of a challenge to them. Their bodies want to have an erection but the cage forbids it to happen. It is sort of like a test to see if they can win over the cock cage and remain chaste.

Cock Chastity and getting deep into the Male Chastity Scene

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